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5 steps to creating a healthier life

5 Steps to Creating a Healthier Life

Timothy Ferris asks a great question: “What exactly is health and wellness?” Some people believe it’s simply the absence of symptoms. As in, “I feel pretty good, I must be healthy.” Some assume if they exercise a few times a week, all is well.  Health is defined as the state of being free from illness or injury. But we all know that health is a triune of mind, body and spirit:  Emotional health, physical health, and positive mental well-being.
5 Steps to Positive Change

5 Steps to Positive Change

What do you want to change? If you are not sure or ready to make a big change, start with something small. For example, you want to eat better. Start by adding one-two vegetables to your diet. If its exercise, start by walking 5-10 minutes 1-2/week on days that work best with your schedule. If your mind is holding you back, first become aware of your thoughts, and what kind of thoughts you are thinking. See how frequently this negative thought appears and when it appears (does something trigger this thought?), then say, “Cancel Cancel” or “this is not like me”, and affirm something positive immediately after the negative thought. Close your eyes and affirm, “I can do this. I chose to make this lifestyle change.” And affirm the positive change, “I am motivated to workout. I feel great working out.”