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Rule #9 Avoid Food Advertised on TV

Rule #9 Avoid Food Advertised on TV

Today’s generation of children, on average, spend more than 44.5 hours per week in front of a computer, television and/or game screen, often simultaneously. Not only is that time no longer used playing outside and being active (as per past generations) but research has also found a strong association with “junk food” ads and the growing rate of childhood obesity.
Rule #7:  Avoid Junk Foods & Low Fat Foods

Rule #7: Avoid Junk Foods & Low Fat Foods

Although so many of us opt for “healthy fats” like olive oil, avocados, chia seeds, coconut oil and nuts, most of us still steer away from any full fat dairy. Without doubt you've heard, or even have said that “drinking whole milk will make you gain weight” “only the non-fat yogurt is good” “butter and cheese are bad for your heart.” According to research, these statements are actually false and could be the cause for declining health! Here are five benefits for choosing FULL FAT dairy: