5 Steps to Positive Change

5 Steps to Positive Change

5 Steps to Positive Change

1. What do you want to change? If you are not sure or ready to make a big change, start with something small. For example, you want to eat better. Start by adding one-two vegetables to your diet. If its exercise, start by walking 5-10 minutes 1-2/week on days that work best with your schedule. If your mind is holding you back, first become aware of your thoughts, and what kind of thoughts you are thinking. See how frequently this negative thought appears and when it appears (does something trigger this thought?), then say, “Cancel Cancel” or “this is not like me”, and affirm something positive immediately after the negative thought. Close your eyes and affirm, “I can do this. I chose to make this lifestyle change.” And affirm the positive change, “I am motivated to workout. I feel great working out.” 

2. To make the change you have to be pro-active. It will not happen for you. If your goal is to improve your energy. You can’t eat garbage and expect to feel good.

3. Give yourself little goals along the way to the larger goal. This will keep you motivated and on a positive track. Remember, some days are easier than others. Be gentle with yourself.

4. It’s about practicing a positive healthy habit every week or everyday. For example, the Doctor said you have a back or neck problem because of your posture. Day 1 of your lifestyle change, you’re sitting at your desk slouching, typing away at the computer and don’t notice it. It’s ok, the first step is becoming aware of your old habit. Day 2 you’re slouching again, however this time you notice it and reposition yourself to the proper position. 5 minutes into it you say, “I can’t do this I’m so uncomfortable.” Instead, give yourself some positive feedback, such as, “Today I notice my bad posture and I will hold the proper posture for 10 minutes. I will beat my time from the day before.”

5. Now here comes the hard part, repeat it all day, everyday, or every week depending on the severity of the change and outcome you desire.

Next thing you’ll notice is you are now practicing a healthy positive habit and it has become a part of your routine.

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