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Add Health to your days!

happiest self


  1. Stop drinking soda or soft drinks.
  1. Add raw fruit and vegetables at each meal
  1. Slow down
  1. Get more SUNSHINE!

      5.  Try Pilates or core strengthening

  1. Add fruit smoothies to your breakfast

      7. Buy indoor plants – better oxygen

  1. Take Omega 3/fish-oil every day

     9. Take Chlorella

    10.  Eat more quinoa (high protein, low carb grain)

  1. Exercise everyday
  1. Drink filtered water
  1. Stretch/do yoga
  1. Take a lavender bath
  1. Get a Massage
  1. Grow your own garden
  1. Add fresh herbs to food
  1. Walk 30 minutes a day
  1. Sleep at least 8 hours a night
  1. Pursue your passion
  1. Shut off your television
  1. Meditate. Quiet the mind.
  1. Do something nice for others
  1. Read something inspirational
  1. Get adjusted!

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