An important aspect of Chlorella you need to look out for when purchasing

An important aspect of Chlorella you need to look out for when purchasing

Chlorella is known to be a Super(whole)food based on the wide spectrum of nutrients it contains but we can’t actually absorb the nutrients of chlorella in its natural state because of its tough, fibrous outer shell, known as the chlorella cell wall. This cell wall stops humans from being able to digest and absorb all of the incredible health benefits Chlorella offers.

This is where the biggest impact Chlorella can offer you differs from each company.

In the traditional process, most Chlorella supplements you find are only 40-70% digestible while Wuji’s Chlorella can be up to 80% digestible. That’s a big difference when we’re talking about nutrients and minerals that our bodies need.  

Many companies use chemicals, heat or pulverizing with glass beads to break through the cell wall, the problem with this is that while it does break through the cell wall, it also destroys some of the delicate nutrients that Chlorella has – ultimately leaving you with a less nutritious version of Chlorella and not much more digestible.

 Wuji uses a special Flash low-Pressure expansion system, which ruptures the cell wall in only 3 seconds revealing numerous pores. During this process nothing comes in contact with Chlorella, making it 100% natural and organic, while also preserving the nutrients in Chlorella, like b12, nucleic acids and beta-carotene, while also making it 80% digestible for our bodies.


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