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Your CHARACTER is who you are. Your character is who you are when no one is watching. It is also who you are when everyone is watching. Your character guides and determines your ethics, your moral behavior, your integral choices. Character is what is exposed, and revealed, in times of stress, trauma, challenge, conflict, disappointment or heart-break. It is EXACTLY who you are, madly and deeply.


Character is your relationship with the world. It is the way you talk to waiters AND the way you talk to your child. It is the way you treat to your pets. It is the trash you pick up left by someone else. It is the person you are without applause, attention, or acceptance. It is the secrets you don't share about a co-worker. It is the hurt you don't inflict. It is quite moments of compassion. It is the anger that comes with injustice. It is the hand you lend. The honest words you speak and the negative words you didn’t say.  It is who you are in war and who you are in love. Character is Grace. Elegance. Goodwill. Mercy. Equality. Compassion. Dignity. Kindness. Respect. All wrapped in your soul.


Your character is also the relationship you have with yourself. It holds your word, keeps your will, and sustains your value.  Your character is the YOU that shows up in this world, each moment, each situation, each response, and each reaction. Character is YOU.  Express it well!

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