Chlorella: A Beginning

Chlorella: A Beginning


I have been a vegetarian for 16 years. Because of this, I know a little bit about making sure that I am able to get enough of the vitamins and nutrients I need every day. I became a vegetarian when I was 15, but being so young, I did not understand the importance of healthy eating, so a couple of years later I wound up with anemia. I clearly had not been eating my greens! The anemia left me feeling freezing all of the time regardless of temperature, and then one day things got really scary when I woke up and found that I had so little energy I could barely move. After mega doses of iron supplements, I was feeling better, and I decided to pay much more attention to the daily nutrition I was fueling myself with.

Then, about four years ago, I heard about chlorella. I had heard about superfoods before, and I knew how good they were for you, but I had never noticed much of a difference in how I felt after eating them. However, when I took a chance on chlorella I immediately noticed the difference. I suddenly felt so much better and full of energy, and the funniest part is that I would not have said that I felt bad to begin with!

Because I had such a negative experience from not fueling my body properly, I had paid special attention to making sure that I was getting all of the vitamins and minerals that my body needed every day, so it was surprising to me to find out that something had been missing, that allowed me to feel so fantastic. Since then I have researched the specific benefits to taking chlorella, and I have noticed the results in my everyday life.

I think one of the greatest benefits for me is that when I take chlorella, I don’t have to worry so much about if I am getting enough iron every day. Chlorella is high in iron, and although I try my best to eat iron rich foods every day, in this busy modern world sometimes it can be hard to take the time to eat as well as I would like, so knowing that chlorella provides me with enough iron every day is a relief.

Even the research backs up what I have found: This study showed how rats who had been fed an iron deficient diet who were then given chlorella recovered more and more quickly from the effects of low iron, when given higher and higher amounts of chlorella. 

For about three or four years before my discovery of chlorella I suffered from almost daily allergy attacks. I would get sinus pain that throbbed all the way to my eyes, my nose and eyes would water, and I just felt miserable whenever I left the house. I was taking over the counter allergy medication almost every day, and I did not really think I could do much more to help myself. However, a few weeks after taking chlorella daily I began to notice that my allergies had almost disappeared. Today, the most of a reaction I might get is a little bit of sinus pressure when all of the plants are in full bloom.

Not only did I experience allergy relief, but at least one study has found that chlorella can have antihistamine properties in rats,  while other studies have shown that chlorella can help improve your immune system

A few years after I had begun to take chlorella I became pregnant. This being my first child, I had nothing to compare to, but I feel that continuing to take chlorella throughout my pregnancy helped to keep me and my baby healthy. Anemia and high blood pressure are big concerns for pregnant women, and not only did I not develop anemia or high blood pressure, but studies have found that pregnant women are less likely to develop anemia and high blood pressure while supplementing with chlorella.

In the future, I know that adding chlorella to mine, and my family’s daily diet will help us all to be healthy, happy, and nourished.


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