Chlorella and Weight Loss Tips

Chlorella and Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss

Curb Appetite and Weight Loss Tips

Most people understand how to lose weight; eat less and exercise more. Most people also know that making those kinds of changes can be harder than it seems, especially with the kinds of lifestyle changes that may take some time to see results

Are you struggling to find the time to take care of yourself the way you should? Are you getting discouraged by the time it takes to get visible results? What if I told you that the answer could come in the form of a little green tablet?

A little green tablet, that is not a drug of any kind nor does it contain anything chemical at all!

Chlorella is a whole food algae that (due to climate) is typically grown in Asian countries, such as Taiwan, China and India. Wuji chlorella is carefully grown in controlled fresh water ponds and then after harvesting, undergoes a low-pressure flash expansion broken cell wall process which makes wuji chlorella 80% digestible and allows the human body to absorb the most nutrients and minerals, from wuji chlorella as possible. Wuji chlorella is then cold pressed into easily swallowable tablets which Wuji Chlorella recommends to be taken in a starting dose of 1-2grams, and working one’s self up to 3-5 grams.

Studies have shown that chlorella could be a great aid in your goal towards weight loss.

One study showed, that adding chlorella to your diet can block the production of fat cells and even shrink already existing ones.   In another study, lab rats were divided into two groups, one fed a healthy diet and the other fed a high fat diet. Both groups were divided into 3 groups. These groups were given 0%, 5% and 10% chlorella containing diets respectively. After about 9 weeks, their testing showed that the rats who had chlorella added to their diet (from both the high fat and low fat groups) had significantly lower serum total lipids, liver TG concentration, and total cholesterol concentrations, than the rats who didn’t get any chlorella to eat.

It is also worth noting that, because Chlorella is a low calorie, complete nutritional food, it can help eliminate food cravings. Chlorella can provide the body with total nourishment, so that the body can feel sated, with no need to compensate with junk in order to meet the body’s nutritional requirements.

Making the decision to get fit and healthy is just one step in reaching your goals. It looks like chlorella can help you stay on that road!

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