How to Beat your Cravings

How to Beat your Cravings


beat your cravings

When we have “cravings” - we're not hungry for food. We are not really craving salt or sugar or chocolate or Mexican food. When you have a craving, what your body needs is NUTRIENTS.  WHOLE, REAL, LIFE SUSTAINING, AND VITALIZING FOOD!

But sadly, what we most often reach for is empty calories. Or worse: damaging and toxic fillers such as fried foods, fast-foods, salty-snacks, or saturated-fats and junk. We over-eat and under-nourish. We snack up and a few hours later – we feel worse and start the entire cycle over again.

So what do we do when our body craves “something” and nothing seems to satisfy?
We stop. We listen to our body and instead of eating a popcorn, we ask ourselves:

What do we need to create health?

What does our body need to function better?

Move optimally? Live with vitality?

The answer?  Whole, real foods.

And then? We choose healthier, whole foods. We snack on carrots, broccoli, or make a salad. We drink water. Take Chlorella. Make a smoothie.  Add some healthy fats such as nuts, coconut oils or avocados.  Much on blueberries, raspberries, or an orange. Drink some vegetable broth. We all know the apple is the healthier choice – we just need to honor our body enough to choose it. And soon your body will become balanced and well. You will begin crave healthier choices. And those fried foods? Will taste toxic. And you will truly begin to live well! Choose well. Live Well. – Wuji Life
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