Intestinal Health – My Intestines: Saved by Algae!

Intestinal Health – My Intestines: Saved by Algae!


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I remember a few times spent with roommates where one of them would use my bathroom and subsequently make fun of me for the fecal splatter they noticed in the toilet bowl. “How do you even aim your butt like that?!” they would say. I got self-conscious of going poop, to the point that I didn’t want to do it if anyone was in the house.

Admitting that the dietary choices you make are categorically wrong is one of the hardest things to do. Sorry for getting somewhat raunchy, but when discussing dietary choices and changes, our bowels will always tell the truth. So many people go through life with slight IBS or recurring bouts of diarrhea without thinking anything of it; mainly because they get used to it and just think that’s how their body works. This happened to me once I got out on my own: free to do what I wanted and eat whatever I wanted, I just got used to loose movements and spending a half hour to take a number two. Even switching to a mainly vegetarian diet and staying away from processed foods, my bowel movements did not get too much better. I had just abused my system for so long, it’s going to take a long time to sort everything out.

My experience with chlorella and spirulina has been so uplifting, though! For the first few weeks, I never forgot to take my daily usage. After those first couple weeks, I noticed a big difference in my digestion and my bowel movements. Not only has my digestion been noticeably better, I have had more energy, it’s easier for me to get up in the morning and my mind feels so much cleaner. I don’t experience a morning fog like I once did; it was almost like a food hangover! Now that’s gone and the rate at which my gut healed sped up dramatically once I started taking chlorella and spirulina.

Often, especially when busy, it’s hard to remember the little things. Even if those little things make a world of difference, we are rushing around and focus on the big things we need to do. My experiences with all healthy foods have been like this. Though once I got into the regimen, it was obvious those days that I forgot to take my supplements. The greatest thing about the algae supplements happens to go hand in hand with the fact that it takes a couple weeks to really notice the difference: regular use keeps a certain amount flowing through your system. It may take a second before these whole foods start really affecting your digestion, but it’s also not that big of a deal if you miss a day in your regimen!

One of the best ways to help keep the habit from being forgotten is to buy the powder and mix it with smoothies and cooked foods. In my quest for a better GI tract, I have been buying juices a few times a week as well; strictly veggie juices! I was also recommended kefir, which has a ton of probiotic cultures to help restore bacterial flora in the gut. To make each last a few days, rather than drink it all really quickly, I will mix half and half kefir and vegetable juice. Add a few tablespoons of chlorella powder and voila! A probiotic, fiber and nutrient rich drink that might look a little weird, but dang does it taste delicious; especially because I know how good it is for me when I am consuming it!

Also, my favorite way to consume a bunch of vegetables (which we should all strive to consume so much more than we currently do) is to chop them up and make stir fry. I then have SO MANY different options to go forward: I can leave it with just salt/pepper/garlic and have a clean veggie dish; I can throw tamari into it with some fresh chopped ginger with some egg and a little rice to make fried rice; I can add tamari, ginger, coconut milk, broth and curry paste to make a curry. On top of that, there’s always so many different herbs and spices I can add to change the flavors and make it exciting each time I have it, despite it being basically the same thing every time! Regardless how I prepare it, adding a few tablespoons of algae powder, after it’s cooled a bit (don’t want to cook it, otherwise the nutrients and benefits are severely diminished), always makes for a tasty way for me to make sure I have my daily fill. Check back to the blog to make sure you can score any recipes I post!


Get out there, have some fun and have a wuji-riffic day!

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