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Every act of love and kindness raises the vibration of the entire universe

Don't you love nice, kind people? You know, the ones: You feel good just being around them. They do thoughtful things. They go out of their way to make you feel welcomed, loved, supported, thought of, and blessed.


They don't seem to feel obligated or stressed. They simply do kind things.  Sure, prosperity, skill, talent, perseverance, and burning the midnight oil are bright, shiny badges, but good old fashion, home-grown kindness, always catches the eye and heart. It draws attention to the soul.   


Kindness softens us. Reminds me to let go. Fills us with love. 

Here are some ideas that are thoughtful and kind:


  • Bring in your neighbors trash cans
  • Mow a neighbor’s lawn
  • Listen, intently
  • Bring flowers
  • Buy fresh flowers for your children
  • Bake 2 pies and give one away
  • Make extra soup for someone else
  • Send a gift in the mail to a child
  • Don't make others feel stupid
  • Deliver a surprise hot tea who’s someone not feeling well
  • Offer to babysit
  • Give someone else your gift card
  • Open the doors for others
  • Let someone step ahead of you in line
  • Send a card in the mail
  • Call someone instead of texting
  • Give a book to someone
  • Print the pictures sitting on your computer and send them out with a handwritten note
  • Treat all children as if they we're your own
  • Empower others
  • Spin the Merry-go-round for the kids at the park

Kindness, like a great investment is low-cost and high-return. You'll just feel good - and so will the world.


Every act of love and kindness raises the vibration of the entire universe

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