Human beings are the sickest species on the planet.  Chronic illness, obesity, and cancer have all increased in the last 10 years. (1)  People are sick and tired of being sick and tired. We are over-scheduled and under-nourished.

We may be more advanced in technology and industry than our ancestors and other species but our fast-paced and fast-food lifestyle has made us ill and exhausted.  Every day we are bombarded with new drugs, innovative surgeries, fake-foods, and quick-treatments. So common is this lifestyle, we have television shows about them: Nip and Tuck, Plastic-Surgery-realty shows, Extreme Make-Over series, and the Biggest Loser.  And now? We have actors selling us drugs on television.  Why? Because a spoon full of celebrity sugar helps the medicine go down.

With “everyone doing it” it almost seems normal. But as Henry Miller said, “There is no salvation in becoming adapted to a world which is crazy.” We have been stripped of our health and are grasping for products, pills, and potions hoping for an answer or a cure.   The pharmaceutical industry paved a yellow brick road with prescriptions for “better health,” but if we have enough courage to look behind the intimidating pharmaceutical/medical Oz, we would realize we have everything we needed all along to live healthy and well.

We are designed for health. We “peopled” ourselves here from a single sperm and egg into moving, breathing, thinking, life manifesting humans in only 40 weeks. Our body sustains, heals and repairs itself.  We are designed for LIFE.  It is not bad luck, bad genes or bad germs, your health is up to you.  To be well we must eat well, move more and think better. We must NOURISH our lives. Living well means making simple choices that create healthier lives. It’s being present. Being more aware. It’s reading labels. It’s skipping the fast food. It’s taking time to prepare a healthy meal for our children’s lunch.  As the old adage goes, “If you don’t make time for health –  you’ll have to make time for sickness.”

Give your body clean food and water, eat whole foods, take chlorella, move around, get adjusted, think positively about your life and the universe.  Not only will you survive, but you will fully THRIVE. Shut off the television, toss out the junk food, and give your life REAL NOURISHMENT.  Create health and wellness, not sickness and disease. If we stop the commercial noise—we would hear our OWN resonating voice of wisdom whispering…. You can truly live well.

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