Maternal Instinct

Maternal Instinct

Mom and Nature

Mother Nature

Nourishment on the Cellular Level

Mother’s Day and the appreciation of the maternal instinct is approaching. 

One aspect of this instinct is the ability and fortitude to provide nourishment for development. 

From a grander point of view, it’s no wonder why one name for our planet is “Mother Earth” or even “Mother Nature.” 

Nature has provided the collective, unselfishly, with profound nourishment and support, as millions of mothers have done for their children throughout existence.  

Two special gifts nature has provided to help nourish our bodies on the cellular level are Chlorella and Spirulina.  Both of these gifts are 100% Natural and began as some of the first life forms on planet earth. 

Both Spirulina and Chlorella are great sources for a diversity of nutrients needed to nourish and support the physiological functions of our cells. 

On a more specific mother to child note, scientific studies show that the consumption of Chlorella can increase Carotenoid and IgA, while decreasing Dioxins in breast milk, enhancing the overall nourishment and support breastfeeding mothers provide for their newborns.


Scientific Studies:


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