Natures Answers

Natures Answers

Isn’t it amazingly coincidental that everything we need to sustain life and health is provided by earth? We need sunshine; there it is. Vitamins? Here’s fruit and vegetables. Minerals? Everywhere. Water? Abundant. Fresh air? Right outside your mouth. And isn’t it also ironic that every time man tries to mimic nature; nature always prevails. The eye still better than a camera. Imagination far exceeds any movie. Breast milks superior to formula. Food is more nutritious than vitamin pills. Study after study, nature unequivocally prevails.

Our separation from wellness seems to be proportional to our separation from nature.  The further away our food – and our lives are from nature and our natural state, the less healthy and beneficial.  Sure, we have come a long way in luxury and convenience. We no longer have to harvest the fields for potatoes or churn our own butter, but if you look at the vast sea of canned-boxed “foods” in the grocery store, we certainly have lost the natural quality. Like tombstones, those processed “foods” stand lifeless.

Alan Watts, philosopher said, “The ocean waves and the world peoples.” We are nature. And the closer we live to nature, the heathier we will be.  We should garden instead of grocery. Eat vegetables instead of muti-vitamins. Create home-cooked meals instead of getting it from a drive-through window. Walk in a park or on a mountain instead of an indoor-gym. While we all appreciate taking a plane instead of a wagon across the great plains, the cost of industry is our health.

Get back to nature. We don’t need to live in caves and hunt down our dinner, but surely, we can make better, more natural choices with our foods and our lives.

“All of the answers to lives questions are found in nature.” The Power Of One.

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