Simple Nutrition – Whole Food Nutrition

Simple Nutrition – Whole Food Nutrition

Whole Food Nutrition

In all areas of the healing realm most experts have concluded the necessity of proper nutrition. Balance is a crucial and vital aspect of any lifestyle, yet, how does one find balance when there are so many vitamins, mineral, herbs, proteins, and various other nutritive constituents to choose from?

How does the ordinary family start improving nutrition on a daily basis and keep it simple? There are so many individual vitamins and nutritional supplements that anyone could easily become lost in bottles and pills. For the most part many of the supplements on the market are all manufactured, extracted, formulated and even synthesized.

There is a simple way to improve nutrition without dozens of bottles and pills. Whole foods have been around much longer than any nutritional supplementation and many of them are so nutrient dense that they have been deemed “superfoods”.

Chlorella is one of those nutrient dense whole foods. It contains the highest amount of chlorophyll of any known plant. It is a single celled freshwater algae that contains high concentrations of vitamins, mineral & trace minerals, amino acids, protein and enzymes.

Studies have suggested that chlorella has a unique ability to detox heavy metals and other toxins from the body at the cellular level. As we encounter toxins on so many levels daily detoxification can be just as important as daily nutrition. Our bodies must sustain balance with air pollution, water contamination, processed food additives and various other harmful chemicals. So in addition to easy nutrition chlorella is an easy way to detox as well.

Adding Chlorella to your daily nutrition may include some of the following benefits:

● Increased Energy Levels

● Detoxification of the Body (Including heavy metals)

● Improved Digestion

● Constipation Relief

● Support Brain Wellness

● Enhanced Overall Nutrition

● Supports Cardiovascular Health

● Supports Joint and Muscle Health

● Fortifies Immune System

● Enhances Overall Quality of Life

Studies have suggested that the macronutrient dense properties of chlorella are beneficial for chronic and degenerative conditions such as, fibromyalgia, hypertension, and ulcerative colitis. Enhanced immune function, accelerated wound healing, and low serum cholesterol levels are also among the many benefits cited.

Keeping life simple with Wuji Chlorella


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