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Spirulina Boost Immune System

immune system

Upgrade Your Immunity


“According to the authors, the reduction of

viable bacteria in spleen tissue over time is suggestive of an

immunopotentiating effect of a particular dietary compound

on mononuclear phagocytic system cells.” (Belay 30)

Now, this may sound like nonsense to you, but what these dear scientists are trying to tell you is this: the body’s immune system works a lot better when consuming Spirulina because it increases activity in white blood cells and other cells designed to fight disease. Not only does it increase the activity of these immune system cells (such as NK cells and T-cells), but Spirulina also increase antibody producing cells. It stimulates production of antibodies and then also increases their activity within you. A-mazing!

And, that’s only the offensive boost Spirulina can give you. There’s also a defensive boost gained by ingesting this algae! I am talking, putting six-pack abs on all your cells, kind of boost.

Most importantly, Spirulina repairs and improves the cell walls inside your body. Tests with HIV infected animals and the consumption of Spirulina have shown it to stop the spread of HIV. Now, for a virus to replicate, it must penetrate a cell’s wall and take over that cell by injecting it’s DNA or RNA. This study showed that by strengthening cell walls, the virus was unable to replicate itself since it couldn’t get into most cells. By restricting any virus’ ability to replicate, your body can more easily eradicate viruses. Just think: you probably wouldn’t have to get that flu shot every year or spend so much money on cold medicine!

The goal of lifelong health drives us to treat our bodies regularly with whole foods, natural probiotics and naturally found cleansing and restorative ingredients. Relying less and less on man-made drugs or other products will make sure that your body will function more naturally; thus, healthier and more normal. Regular consumption of Spirulina will aid greatly in this endeavor. Not only is it a whole food, it’s a completely restorative food. Aiding in strengthening the immune system, it also restores cells to ward off viruses.

Spirulina has been shown to promote growth of lactobacillus bacteria, necessary for digestion, in the gut. Also, it’s an antioxidant; which means that it helps strengthen the body’s lipids, a cell very important to the structural integrity of your body.

Pro-immune system, pro-biotic, anti-viral, anti-oxidant and even a little anti-cancer. All of these benefits and all from an organic whole food. Don’t waste money on drugs and treatments with side effects and experimental chemicals. Just treat your body right with whole, real foods and supplements like Spirulina.



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