The Provider of Energy

The Provider of Energy

sun fathers day

The Paternal Power

Father’s Day is here, a day to honor paternal energies. Throughout history one of the instincts associated with father-ness is the idea of being a provider. It is not surprising to see that many ancient cultures viewed and referenced father-ness with the Sun.

The Sun is the provider of power and energy for the Earth and the majority of life on Earth. It provides the light needed for photosynthesis to occur; producing the start of the food chain. With this ability, the Sun is the original provider of resources needed to energize our planet and the original supplier of power for the creation of nutrients and resources to produce the energy cycle.

Because of this, when the body is provided with the proper resources to function, one effect is increased energy. This is one big reason that increased energy is one of the most reported benefits of taking Chlorella.

Furthermore, when you look at the nutrients in Chlorella, it is not a surprise to see that it provides the body with the bioavailable form of Vitamin B12, a nutrient that plays a large role in the production of Energy in the body.

This Fathers Day Harness the Energy of the Sun and Provide your Whole Family with the Nutrient Support of Wuji Chlorella.

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