Top 3 Vitamin C Myths

Top 3 Vitamin C Myths

Top 3 Vitamin C Myths


Myth Number 1: Vitamin C Cures the Common Cold.  Although Vitamin C has massive benefits overall, when kept in its optimal levels for overall health. There is little evidence suggesting Vitamin C cures the common cold. On the other hand, when kept in its optimal levels it has been shown to decrease the duration of the Common Cold and has shown particular benefit with individuals in extreme stressful situations. For example, extreme cold and marathon runners. It is noted that individuals should test to see the potential beneficial effects they receive with common cold symptoms. And ideally always working to keep your immune system strong and ready to deal with any attacks. (1)

Myth Number 2: Vitamin C is Toxic at High Doses. There is no strong evidence showing Vitamin C in high doses has an acute or chronic toxic effect. Some report there may be some GI discomfort and bloating with high doses, but in 2000 the Upper Limit was set at 2,000 mg a day with the recommend intake for adults to be 400 mg a day.

Myth Number 3: We know everything about Vitamin C. This could actually go with most things. Life and the aspects that comprise life are very complex. To think we know everything is a very arrogant thought. Especially when it comes to biochemistry, because no nutrient has just one function or effect in the body. For instance Vitamin C plays a role in enzyme function, healing, energy, and even our mood.

When it comes to ensuring you have optimal levels of Vitamin C in your tissues it is best to gain it from a diversity of whole foods, because no one nutrient has one function and no one nutrient works alone.

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