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Hi, I'm Cat

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Favorite Foods: Potatoes and Filet Mignon, Korean Chicken Sandwich, Shaken Beef Banh Mi, Perogies,

Favorite Veggies: Brussels sprouts, poblano peppers, cucumbers, broccolini

Favorite Herbs/Spices: GARLIC, Cumin, Ginger, Rosemary

Foods I Don't like: olives, so spicy (heat) I can't taste the food

Favorite Cultural Cuisine: Asian, Mexican, Eastern European

I am a Cupcake Connoisseur

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Say hello to the exuberant "What's for Eats?" – a vivacious foodie whose world revolves around the tantalizing realm of cuisine. With an infectious enthusiasm for all things edible, this culinary enthusiast finds uncontainable excitement in the simple act of knowing what's on the menu.

"What's for Eats?" has mastered the art of culinary anticipation, planning their entire day around the promise of delectable dishes. Every mealtime becomes a grand event, and they can hardly contain their eagerness to explore the gastronomic offerings that await. Armed with an insatiable curiosity, this foodie's quest for palate-pleasing experiences knows no bounds.

But the journey doesn't stop at familiar favorites. "What's for Eats?" has an undeniable zest for discovery, always on the lookout for exciting new eateries and dining destinations. With a flair for planning and a knack for organizing culinary escapades, they gather friends and loved ones for gastronomic explorations that leave taste buds dancing and hearts content.

In a world where routine can sometimes dull our senses, "What's for Eats?" is a refreshing reminder to savor each moment and embrace the joy that comes from sharing a meal. Their enthusiasm is contagious, making every dining experience an unforgettable occasion and igniting a passion for food that resonates far beyond the plate.

  • Chlorella Curry Chicken Salad

    This is such a fresh take on a chicken salad. There's so much flavor in the spices, but it's bright and sweet too. The celery and grapes add a really great crunch. I could eat this for lunch every day!

  • Chlorella Turkey Balls

    OMG YUM. These are soo delicious. I love how versatile they could be. Tasted great as a spring roll, could easily be delicious on rice or even on some lettuce. They have a lot of flavor in the spices and but the lime and cilantro make it taste really fresh too. Would be great for lunches or dinner.

  • Chlorella Pesto Grilled Cheese

    This pesto is delicious, but it went up a notch with this grilled cheese. The fresh mozzarella was game changing and even though I'm not a huge fan of tomatoes, I could appreciate the flavor it added to the sandwich. Also.. bacon. It was so good. Would be great for luches or dinner

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