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My Foodie Profile

Hi, I'm Dr. Paxton

Foodie Profile: Adventurist

Favorite Foods: Sandwiches, noodles

Favorite Veggies: Almost any veggie that is fermented or pickled

Favorite Herbs/Spices: Garlic, Oregano, Cumin

Foods I Don't like: Hot Dogs, Scrambled Eggs, Black Licorice

Favorite Cultural Cuisine: Mexican, Italian, Asian

The Adventurist

Introducing "The Adventurist," a culinary thrill-seeker whose taste buds are forever on a global expedition. For them, food is the ultimate passport to exploration and discovery. With a fearless spirit and insatiable curiosity, they embark on epicurean journeys to unearth the world's most exotic flavors, cuisines, and culinary traditions.

their adventurous spirit extends beyond the plate. "The Adventurist" also delights in recreating these global encounters in their own kitchen, experimenting with recipes and techniques inspired by their travels. They skillfully blend elements from different corners of the world, creating dishes that are a beautiful fusion of cultures and flavors.

"The Adventurist" reminds us that food is an extraordinary gateway to understanding and connecting with the world. Their passion for culinary exploration turns each meal into a grand adventure, infusing every bite with the thrill of discovery and the joy of embracing the unknown.

  • Chlorella Curry Chicken Salad

    This tasted great. I could see eating this for Linner (lunch/dinner). Flavor was great and couldn't taste the Chlorella.

  • Chlorella Turkey Balls

    What I love best about this recipe is the versatility. We had it over rice and then also as a spingroll - both were great. I could also see this on a Bahn Mi sandwich.

  • Chlorella Pesto

    This pesto is delicious. I could put this on toast, on a sandwich, pasta.. really the possibilities are endless. It would be a great addition to a party or friendsgiving.

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Dr. Paxton Foodie Profile