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My Foodie Profile

Hi, I'm Madison

Foodie Profile: Picky Eater, the foodie that bakes

Favorite Foods: potatoes, steak, orange chicken, rice, pulled pork, chicken tenders, Mongolian beef, spicy stuff, DESSERT!

Favorite Veggies: broccoli, potato, green beans, carrot, zucchini

Favorite Herbs/Spices: Rosemary, cayenne, paprika

Foods I Don't like: onion, ground beef, seafood, adventurous meats, eggs

Favorite Cultural Cuisine: Asian

I am a Chocolate chip cookies and Brownie Connoisseur

If I can make it from scratch, I will! Burger buns, bread, pasta!

The Baker & Picky Eater

Meet the delightful "Baker and Picky Eater" – a culinary enthusiast who finds their true calling amidst the sweet aroma of freshly baked treats. With a passion for all things dough and batter, they wield their baking tools with finesse, crafting everything from delicate cookies to hearty burger buns and artisanal sourdough bread.

Yet, the "Baker and a Picky Eater" possesses a palate that dances to a different tune. When it comes to meals, they prefer the comfort of familiar flavors and textures. While their baking prowess knows no bounds, they approach food with a more cautious outlook, shying away from culinary adventures that might challenge their texture preferences.

Their dedication to crafting delectable baked goods while navigating their own culinary preferences showcases the multifaceted nature of food appreciation, proving that every palate has its own symphony to play.

  • Chlorella Carrot Cake Bar

    It's very tasty! I like the texture and flavor. Would be a great snack, breakfast and even good for kids!

  • Chlorella Avocado Chocolate Pudding

    I like the texture and it has a great chocolaty flavor. It would be great for a birthday party, kids lunch or desert! You can't taste the chlorella but it did make it look a little more green.

  • Chlorella Chicken Curry

    This one has been my favorite savory dish to come out of the WTK. The flavor was good, very herby/spiceful. Could be a good lunch or dinner.

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Madison Foodie Profile