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Spring Dragon Longevity Tea

Spring Dragon Longevity Tea

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Spring Dragon Longevity tea is more than just a blend of 6 chopped herbs. Five premier tonic herbs have been optimally extracted together, resulting in a thick concentrated syrup.  The syrup is then infused into premium grade Gynostemma leaves. The saturated leaves are carefully dried, locking in the superior range of phytonutrients from all the tonic herbs. The result is a super-potent herbal formulation.

This proprietary process ensures that our tonic herbal tea is 5 to 10 times stronger than other herbal teas that are just blends of chopped herbs.


In Asia, Gynostemma is considered to be:

  • Invigorating (does not cause hyperactivity – not a stimulant)
  • Calming (promotes a sense of peace – not a sedative)
  • Antioxidant 
  • Immune-supporting in various ways – it may be consumed daily
  • A respiratory tonic 
  • A digestive aid
  • Gynostemma supports normal healthy functioning of the liver and cardiovascular organs and tissues.
  • The ultimate greatness of Gynostemma lies in its broad spectrum ADAPTOGENIC (stress modulating) quality. Adaptogenic herbs help improve the efficiency of the metabolic, neurological, immunologic, respiratory and endocrine systems in normal healthy people. Prolonged consumption of Gynostemma supports the adaptive capacity of people at every level of their life.

Gynostemma has “double-direction” activity

  • Gynostemma supports physiological balance to the body under a wide range of stressful circumstances.
  • Gynostemma has a double-direction, regulating, adaptogenic influence on the central nervous system. It is calming when one is overexcited and invigorating when one is fatigued. 
  • Gynostemma is widely known for its “spirit-lifting” effect on one’s mood.
  • Gynostemma may have a beneficial effect on the heart by supporting circulation.
  • Gynostemma helps balance the body’s metabolism. 
  • Gynostemma has developed an enormous reputation in Asia as a major aid in weight management programs. Gynostemma has been shown to have a double-direction activity with regard to weight. Gynostemma can be useful in reducing excessive body fat, when combined with a reasonable exercise program and a healthy diet that modulates caloric intake. Gynostemma may also help athletes, body builders or slim people to gain weight.

The main active ingredients in Gynostemma are known as saponins

  • The saponins in Gynostemma are called gypenosides. There are over 140 gypenosides in Dragon Herbs’ Gynostemma. 
  • These gypenosides are the constituents responsible for the adaptogenic qualities of this tonic herb.


Gynostemma leaf, Schizandra fruit, Goji berries, Astragalus root, Eleuthero root, Luo Han Guo fruit.

Traditional Function

Adaptogenic, immune regulating, tonifying to the Lungs, Heart, Spleen/Pancreas, Liver and Kidney.

How to use

You can drink it in the morning, afternoon or night without sleep disturbance. There is no caffeine in Spring Dragon Longevity Tea.

1 tea bag brews 3 cups

Steep the tea bag in about 3 cups of near-boiling water for at least 3-5 minutes. If using less water, remove the tea bag when desired strength is reached.

Serve hot or cold.

You may add ice, a few drops of lemon juice and honey to create a cooling, refreshing iced tea during the summer

Drink several cups a day as a healthy beverage


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Among the Healthiest Teas on Earth

Spring Dragon Longevity Tea is Dragon Herbs’ flagship tonic tea. It is available in tea bags for easy preparation and ready consumption. It is adaptogenic, immune regulating, tonifying to the Lungs, Heart, Pancreas, Liver, Brain and Kidney. It was Dragon Herbs first offering and remains their flagship product. It is consumed around the world by thousands of people every day for its wonderful flavor and health benefits.

Spring Dragon Longevity Tea is a very special tea, unlike any other tea on the market. It is actually a classical form of an elixir that in China was literally called a “longevity tea.”

Spring Dragon Longevity Tea has one main “bulk” or “raw” herb, Gynostemma leaf, plus 5 tonic herb extracts.

Gynostemma is a remarkable herb known in Asia as “magical grass.” It has been reported to have a wide range of health-promoting benefits.

Benefits of Gynostemma

  • Strong antifatigue effect
  • Energizing (not a stimulant)
  • Calming (promotes relaxation and a sense of peace – not a sedative)
  • Anti-aging (exhibits antioxidant activity)
  • Supportive of the body’s systemic double-direction immune response
  • respiratory tonic (helps support a healthy respiratory system)
  • digestive aid (Gynostemma is very soothing to the stomach by protecting the stomach lining)
  • Gynostemma has been shown in some studies to help to support normal healthy hepatic and cardiovascular function
  • Gynostemma accelerates the body’s metabolism and helps maintain healthy blood sugar and blood fat levels already within a normal range. Maintaining healthy blood sugar and blood fat already within a normal range are critical steps in attaining healthy metabolic function, whether one wants to lose weight by reducing excessive body fat, gain weight by building lean muscle, or maintain healthy weight by helping regulate bodily functions.
  • Gynostemma has developed an enormous reputation in Asia as a major aid in weight management programs. Gynostemma has been shown to have a double-direction activity with regard to weight. Gynostemma can be useful in reducing excessive body fat, when combined with a reasonable exercise program and a healthy diet that modulates caloric intake. Gynostemma may also help athletes, body builders or excessively slim people to gain weight.
  • Although Gynostemma is not a laxative, it may help maintain healthy bowel movements.

Where does Dragon Tea come from?

Super Infusion Process (SIP™) for Maximum Potency

Spring Dragon Longevity Tea is more than just a blend of 6 chopped herbs, it is a super-potent herbal formulation with potency on par with capsules and tinctures!

Traditionally, only botanicals that are suitable for steeping are delivered in a tea bag format. The steeping method limits typical tea bags’ ingredients to mostly leaves, flowers, and a few fruits, whose flavors and constituents can come out using steeping only. Therefore, many powerful botanicals that require decoction (extracting a substance by boiling) are excluded from using tea bags as a delivery system. For example, roots and mushrooms such as ReishiGinsengAstragalus, and Eleuthero require a long cook time. Fruits such as SchizandraGoji and Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo) need shorter cooking than roots, but steeping alone will not produce their maximum potency and efficacy. As a result, these powerful botanicals are typically only available in capsules or tinctures.

Dragon Herbs has developed a special technology called Super Infusion Process (SIP™) that solves this age-old dilemma.

During the Super Infusion Process (SIP™), we optimally extract 5 premier tonic herbs (SchizandraGojiAstragalusEleuthero and Luo Han Guo) together, resulting in a thick, concentrated syrup. The syrup is then infused into premium grade Gynostemma leaves. The saturated leaves are carefully dried, locking in the superior range of phytonutrients from all the tonic herbs. The result is a super-potent herbal formulation. This proprietary process ensures that our Spring Dragon Longevity Tea (SDLT) is 5 to 10 times stronger than other herbal teas that are just blends of chopped herbs.

With six premier tonic herbs, this tea yields one of the most broad spectrum health promoting tonic brews in the world.*

Tonic Herbs

The most broad spectrum health promoting tonic brew in the world

Schizandra Fruit

Called the “quintessence of Chinese herbs,” Schizandra is a delicious, exotic tonic fruit traditionally used to tonify all the systems of the body, nourish and moisturize the skin, and sharpen the mind.

Goji Berries

Known in Asia as a premier “longevity and anti-aging herb,” this delicious tonic fruit is a true superfood, exhibiting antioxidant activity. It is famous for enhancing strength, vision and beauty. Goji features immune system-supporting polysaccharides.

Astragalus Root 

One of the most important herbs in all of herbalism, Astragalus is highly regarded for its effects in helping to support a healthy immune system. It is also a potent energy tonic and blood tonic.

Eleuthero Root

Also known as “Siberian Ginseng,” Eleuthero is famous for its ability to enhance physical and mental endurance, to help us handle stress more efficiently and as a gentle mood elevator. Eleuthero, like ginseng and Gynostemma, is rich in saponins. It is a superb adaptogenic herb.

Luo Han Guo Fruit

Also known as Monk Fruit. This delicious, exotic fruit has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese traditional to moisten the lungs and the skin, soothe the throat and generate fluids. It contains mogroside, a potent glucoside that helps to support a healthy immune system.

Double-Direction Regulating Adaptogens

The ultimate greatness of Spring Dragon Longevity Tea™ (SDLT) lies in its broad spectrum ADAPTOGENIC (stress modulating) characteristic. Adaptogenic herbs help maintain the efficiency of the adrenal, metabolic (pancreatic and cellular), neurological, immunologic, respiratory, and other endocrine-hormonal systems. Continued consumption of SDLT may strengthen the adaptive capacity of the person at every level of their life.*

Together, the total ginsenosides in SDLT have a multitude of modulating actions. No doubt, some saponins have very a broad range of actions in the body or have potent actions on specific functions. These saponins have become well known. But single-saponin action is not the full story. The more ginsenoside-like saponins, the more influence an herb will have on the human body and mind. And this is much more powerful for a combination of adaptogenic herbs that includes many more ginsenoside-like saponins.

The bottom-line secret of these ginsenoside-like saponins is that they have double-direction activity. That means that for every saponin that stimulates a function, there are saponins that counteract that function in such a way as to maintain healthy functional balance in the body. These saponin pairings adjust physical and mental responses to maintain an appropriate balance of function in response to stress and for long term health. All these saponin containing herbs are therefore referred to as “adaptogens,” which means they are “modulators” or “regulators.” They are capable of nudging the body in both directions.

Thus, adaptogens are typically capable of promoting vitality and at the same time promoting relaxation, even supporting deep sleep. All together, they have the ability to profoundly boost the immune functions necessary for the response to pathogens. But they also modulate functions that may otherwise result in excessive responses that could result in autoimmune responses. The full saponin complex balances the immune system, modulates immune responses, which provide appropriate adaptive capacity to the entire immune system.

The immune system is not the end of this double-direction activity, it is just one example. The double-direction action of a powerful adaptogen, or even better a combination of adaptogens, can influence every human system, from the neurological system to the digestive system to the metabolic system to the skeletal system, and so on. They strengthen by modulation, by providing life energy and simultaneously they promote balance in virtually every system of the body. Balance is life. In biology, this is called homeorhesis, which is the maintenance of dynamic homeostasis under stress. That is why many scholars agree that adaptogens are the most important health-promoting and health protecting herbs on earth. How much more so when they are combined, as is the case with SDLT, which is rich in world class double-direction function-balancing adaptogens and literally hundreds of ginsenoside-like saponins, most of which come in double-direction modulating pairs to help us handle all the stresses of life most efficiently and effectively.

A Great Addition to Your Tea

The Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum) is unquestionably one of the supreme superfoods in the world. You only need to consume an ounce or two a day to get all the amazing benefits that people have been experiencing from Goji for thousands of years.

Add Goji Berries to your tea, rehydrating the berries and adding sweetness to your tea

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