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RASA - Adaptagenic Drink (coffee alternative)

RASA - Adaptagenic Drink (coffee alternative)

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You know the drill


Roasted cacao*, roasted chicory*, roasted burdock*, shatavari*, roasted
dandelion*, codonopsis*, eleuthero*, roasted date seed*, roasted maca*,
ceylon cinnamon*, ashwagandha*, rhodiola*, chaga mycelium*, & reishi
fruiting body extract*

*All certified organic, non-GMO, obsessively sustainable, ✨🌿 & blessed by grassfed unicorns 🦄 **


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Rasa - here to transform the way we energize

with delicious, adaptogen-packed herbal coffee alternatives

They’re so functional we call them superfunctional.

Clinical herbalist-formulated. Supports:

✔️ Sustained, nourishing energy
✔️ Decreased stress
✔️ Balanced mood
✔️ Nervous system health
✔️ Better sleep



Adaptogens are practically magical herbs that grow (and thrive!) in stressful environments. In short*, they help your body cope with stress by giving your body what it needs in the moment.

Exhausted? An adaptogenic herb will perk you up.

Wired as heck? That same adaptogenic herb will calm you down.

Yes, they really are that brilliant.

Adaptogens help you to freak out slower (& less intensely!), and recover faster in response to stress…all while increasing stress resilience overall.

They work via your endocrine and nervous systems to help you cope with stress better.

Check out this fun graph from
adaptogen scientist Alexander Panossian below:

Why Rasa? How it started

Meet Lopa, founder of Rasa

"Hi! 👋 I’m Lopa. I had my first baby during the most stressful year of my life. (Trust me, it was one for the record books!)

Many moms guzzle coffee to get through the bone-deep exhaustion of early motherhood (no shade if that’s you!)...but my nervous system was frriiiieeed and coffee just gave me anxiety, panic attacks, & crap sleep.

I needed something that didn’t “steal energy from tomorrow to fuel today,” as Traditional Chinese Medicine says.

I tried *every* coffee alternative, but...meh. Chalky. Weak. Low-quality ingredients. No energy or functional benefits. So-called “natural” flavors that lacked OOMPH.

Worst of all? Fake adaptogens (yep, it’s a thing) and unsustainable ingredients. 😕 Hard no.

And So Rasa Was Born...

I took my decade-long personal devotion to Ayurveda and partnered with an herbalist to craft a dark, rich, and roasty coffee alternative, loaded with adaptogens.

What started with me elbow-deep blending herbs in my kitchen (+, let's be real, processing trauma and being a new, harried mom) has now served over 100,000 customers worldwide. I am deeply humbled & grateful to be able to share Rasa with you.

Cheers to your joy & love to your heart.



rasa coffee alternative

Made of organic herbs, adaptogens, & mushrooms drawing on ancient tradition and informed by modern science


Energizes from within using 1000s mg of unique adaptogens that aren't typically found in Coffee Alternatives or Mushroom Coffee

Caffeine Content

0mg of caffeine - ORIGINAL

5mg of caffeine - CACAO

35mg of caffeine - DIRTY

How it’s formulated

Formulated by a clinical herbalist for function and flavor

Sourcing and sustainability

Meticulously sourced for quality, bioavailability, and long-term ecosystem sustainability

ABOVE: Adaptogens increase the state of non-specific resistance in stress and decrease sensitivity to stressors, which results in stress protection, and prolong the phase of resistance (stimulatory effect). Instead of exhaustion, a higher level of equilibrium (the homeostasis) is attained the heterostasis. The higher it is, the better the adaptation to stress. Thus, the stimulating and anti-fatigue effect of adaptogens has been documented in both in animals and in humans. Adapted from [26,78,133].
Panossian, A., and Wikman, G. Effects of Adaptogens on the Central Nervous System and the Molecular Mechanisms Associated with Their Stress—Protective Activity 2010 - Adaptation of RASA's Graphic

“Lovely, but...obsessive... nitpicky...annoyingly ethical”

That’s the feedback Rasa gets from their supply chain about their
Chief Herbalist & Co-Founder, Ben.

Rasa's perspective?
If it’s going into the bodies of our fellow humans, it better be impeccable.

Rasa believes in right relationship.
From the soils that feed their herbs, to the humans who harvest their botanicals, to the companies like us, Wuji, who share Rasa with our customers


    Rasa sources over 50 botanicals from 15 countries, with an obsessive focus on long-term ecosystem sustainability, potency, geoauthenticity, & safety.

    For example: don’t see wildharvested chaga in their ingredients? ...that’s because it’s endangered.


    Rasa uses a wide range of strategic testing at 3rd party labs for pesticides, heavy metals, sulfites, allergens, & microbial contaminants. Rasa also doesn't use grains, fillers, or any garbage


    Rasa buys fair-trade or direct trade, often paying better than fair trade prices. They also develop close relationships with their suppliers around the world, building trust & friendship across their supply chain. #rightrelationship

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Cacao Blend

An indulgent treat you can say yes to... every day (Seriously. We guzzle it here at the Wuji HQ), and yet is still packed with adaptogens and antioxidants to be healthy enough to drink daily. And with 5 mg caffeine per 8 oz cup, you can also drink it all day long!

Rasa tested dozens of cacao beans to find the perfect beans to complement the signature Rasa formula and also meet their stringent standards for sustainability and ethics. Rasa's Ecuadorian nacional cacao beans were selected for their bright and robust chocolate flavor that brought out the best in our coffee alternative blend. The beans are then sun dried and gently roasted for a chocolate flavor to savor that gives you a happy energy that sustains all day.

Rasa's cacao is sourced direct-trade, which offers a closer relationship with their suppliers and affords them better than fair-trade pricing. 

Go on, take a moment for yourself!

Dirty Blend

Your daily coffee, now with a hug for your nervous system.

The signature Rasa adaptogen formula blended with organic, fair trade coffee—sourced only from women-owned and operated farms. For days when
you need that extra boost, it’s one of our favorite ways to enjoy Rasa.

The adaptogens in Rasa's signature formula balance out the nervous system and adrenal impacts of the coffee for a sustainable energy boost that many who are sensitive to coffee say is "the only coffee I can drink."

Balanced, sweet and chocolatey with an earthy note. We tested dozens of coffees to find a bean to pair perfectly with our adaptogenic blend and optimize the grind that would perform optimally
with Rasa's longer brew time. 

✨Just another reminder that you’ve got this and we’ve got you. ✨

35 mg caffeine per 8 oz cup (~1/3 a regular cup of coffee) or brew it double-strong if you want more juice.

Mix with Cacao Rasa for a delicious mocha blend.

Wuji Life is dedicated to providing you with exceptional wellness products that are of the highest quality. We have teamed up with renowned health companies across the globe to bring you products that align with our values and meet our strict standards. We firmly believe in the effectiveness and integrity of these companies and their products, and are confident that they can have a positive impact on your journey towards wellness. With Wuji Life, you can trust that you are receiving only the best in health and wellness.

Wuji LIfe is a partner distributor for Rasa. All information and photos presented on Rasa are owned by Rasa. ©Rasa

Wuji is the State of Pure Potential, the Foundation for Movement, Balance, and Harmony!

Wuji represents the state of the Universe at the beginning of time before the Big Bang occurred - the moment before limitless creation.

From Wuji emerges absolute and infinite potential, it's the oneness prior to the duality from which Yin and Yang originate.

To live through Wuji, is to see your life as limitless in every moment. It's the opportunity to create change, the opportunity to find your balance in wellness through Stillness and Motion, the opportunity to THRIVE in all parts of your life.

You ARE Wuji. You are Limitless - there are no bounds to what you can create for yourself, it's only potential that awaits you.

You make the choice, for you are Pure Potential!

It's a Brand New Day for a Limitless Life!

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